yup that happens

March 19, 2012


5×3 Deadlift

85% of your 1 rep max


AMRAP in 10

  • 5 Deadlift (@bodyweight)
  • 10 pull ups

Scale accordingly.

Cool Down:

Spend 5 minutes working on HSPU’s .


17 thoughts on “yup that happens”

  1. haha thanks man, I wish i could do this one but my chicken legs are still recovering from 12.4 and are in no condition to do deadlifts. Thinking about doing “lynne” this evening instead.

  2. I’m really happy with 9 now that I see Alan at 9.5. I ripped something fierce on puns 6 or 7. Slowed me down a lot. Great job though Alan.

  3. Thanks – Stefan got 10 – I ripped on round 6 too — I don’t weight 225lb so I am happy with 9.5 -I think we could have both done 10 rounds though

  4. Skill : 325
    WOD…. 8 pull ups short of 10!
    So I guess 9.5 at 185#
    That WOD was deceiving… I thought 10 would was a definate

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