Yea yeas

9 – 6 – 11
Skill:    Death by ring dips
– on the minute of every minute complete 1 ring dip
– add 1 rep each minute
– finished when can not complete given number ring dips for given minute
WOD:     10 – 1/1 – 10

  • wall ball (20/14)
  • box jump (24/20)

– Post loads and times to comments –


30 thoughts on “Yea yeas”

  1. I was very disappointed that Brittany did not bring any muffins this morning. That was my whole reason for getting out of bed and showing up.
    Skill: 11 rds
    WOD: 6:29 (30″ box & 30# ball)
    The box jumps got tough

  2. Jeremy im on the fence on scaling up. I want to beat my time. What was your time scaled up? Just so I have something to gun for.

    1. I would love to try it RX though and see how I could do. You can actually bound up and down on the 24″ box without having to regroup yourself like you do on the 30″ box.

  3. skill- 8 rounds got stuck on the 9th dip three times, couldnt lock it out
    WOD: 6:21 (20# wb 30″ box jump) wanted to use the 30# ball but the strength just isnt there yet

    1. That is really good. I can’t believe you didn’t want to try it. That 30″ box makes it a whole different workout. I figure if I keep trying stuff I am not good at I will eventually get good at them.

  4. Thanks bro. I actually thought the 30#ball was going to be the worst part but you were right the ball wasn’t bad it was that stupid box that slowed me down. Stefan killed it in 5:44 scaled up.

  5. The boxes would serve better as firewood in my opinion.
    Struggled to a 7:25 – – scaled up to the 30#/30” – Did manage 12 rounds on death by ring dips – (got to 9 on the 13th round)

    1. Nice job on the dips Alan. I should have went for that 12th round, but I was feeling lazy. I had a little trouble with number 11 on the round before.

  6. Geez. You guys made me look like a girl on this one! That’s awesome. Maybe one day I can be a man and scale up…until then, ill just work on RX’ing.

  7. Loving all the group support guys. That’s what this gym’s about. Everyone did awesome today. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for muffins in the morning

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