WOD – 131104

WOD – 131104

General Warm-up:

400m Run/500m Row

Group Warm-up:

Iron Scap


3 X 10 Clean Starts (1st Pull)


Tabata Burpees
Rest 1 min
Tabata Squat Jumps
Rest 1 min
Tabata T2B
Rest 1 min
Tabata Hip Extensions

*The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.  Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals.  Add all four scores together for a total score.


Run – 10-12 X 200m w/ 90 sec rest between efforts
Row – 10-12 X 250m w/ 90 sec rest between efforts

Athlete of the Month!

Help us recognize one of our own for their bad ass-ness!

It’s that time again!  Time to vote for who inspires you in the gym with their bad ass-ness!  Here are the nominees:

 Emily and Wade Evans

This couple has such an amazing presence in
the gym.  They are always positive and supportive
to other athletes and they always push themselves
to new limits.  They truly represent the meaning of
community in our gym.

 Nick Peterson

Nick is a hard worker, he is always on time, and he
is always driving to be better.  His increases in strength
and his desire to improve are inspiring.  And above all,
Nick always has a smile on his face and makes sure
to introduce himself to new members.

 Adam Burnham

Adam is amazing athlete.  He always finds ways to
challenge himself and push his boundaries.  Adam
is always willing to help another athlete improve and
motivate them during a workout.  He is committed to
everyone’s success.

 Matt Bulger

Matt works hard every time he is in the gym.  But Matt
doesn’t stop there, he is always up to go for a hike or
anything else active outside of the gym.  Beyond his
hard work, Matt is just fun to be around, he never fails
to liven up class.

Click the link above to vote!