WOD – 130606

WOD – 130606

General Warm-up:

1000m Row/800m Run

Group Mobility


10yd Bear Crawl Forward/Backward
10yd Shuttle Sprint
Mountain Climbers


100 Plank Rotations on BOSU



You better check yourself…I mean get yourself checked!

Once again WMCF is teaming up with Cascade Sports Injury Prevention and Physical Therapy.  Cascade is a offering a FREE functional movement screen to all of our athletes!  What is a FMS do you ask?  It is a series of movement assessments designed to screen you for poor movement and muscle recruitment patterns. Following your screening, Justin (Cascade Sports Head Physical Therapist) will provide me (Soloman) with your results and a series of exercises to help address any issues.  Did I mention this is FREE?!

Why is this important?  Proper mechanics are the cornerstone of all of our movements at WMCF.  If the body is out of whack it makes it hard to do things right, and that’s not right! So, get yourself checked so you don’t get wrecked!

Next time you’re in the gym set up your appointment.  The FMS takes about 10 minutes.  I expect everyone to get this done.  It is FREE and it will make you a better athlete!