WOD 121025

WOD 121025


Squat/Press/Deadlift (only do one, follow your 5-3-1 Spreadsheet)

3 @ 70%

3 @ 80%

[email protected] 90%


10 min Handstand work


10 min Ring work


For time:

2000m Row

Ross gettin some during the “Jessica” fundraising workout!

Support Your Team.

Do you support your teammates at WMCF?  Do you celebrate their achievements as if they were your own?  Do you share in their victories?  The guy in this video  sure does.


To us, class time is really your daily practice.  And that practice is with your team.  Rather than individuals who show up to take a class – folks at WMCF show up to practice with their team.

Not sure how to support your teammates?  See below for some ideas. Post to comments your own ideas.

1. Get Excited.  Like Really Fucking Excited. There’s a common anxious, nervous, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling before a workout.  Know that everyone else feels the same damn way.  Embrace it.  And get excited!

2. Cheer No, you don’t have to become a high school cheerleader, although if you want to that’s fine, but a little encouragement can go a long way.  You’re done with the workout.  Good on you.  Now grab a foam roller, watch the action unfold in front of you, and help that last athlete finish.  We’ve all been there.

3. High Five high five: a celebratory or mutually congratulatory gesture between two persons performed by each slapping the other’s raised right hand. Also used as a verb. Do you know how good it feels to high five someone?  It’s freakin’ awesome.  High fives are massively underused, unlike the word awesome, but that’s another story.  Raise your hand and get some!  Another variation of the high five is the butt slap.  butt slap: The act of using the palm of one’s hand to slap another person’s butt, in an effort to encourage them to speed up or keep doing a job well done. Originated in American Football circles and hence is usually male to male, but can be done in a variety of combinations. We have yet to see the butt slap used in regulation class time at WMCF but we’re definitely open to the idea.

How do you support Team WMCF?  Post to comments.

Adopted from CrossFit Roots