Who's getting crazy?!

The crew chilling between WODs at the Louisiana Sports and Fitness Festival


5 – 27 – 11

WOD:     10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2

  • Mutant Makers (45#/30#)
  • 20 sit ups (after every round)

– Post loads and times to comments –

We will be holding the regular free Saturday workout tomorrow morning at 11 am. Though, there will be NO OPEN GYM on Sunday, or 6am and noon classes on Monday. Classes will resume Monday evening at 6 & 7 pm. Eveyone have a fun and safe weekend!!


18 thoughts on “Who's getting crazy?!”

  1. Almost sad that I can’t make it today to do the mutan makers (almost)
    I’ll be thinking of everyone at the 6pm class while i’m chowing down on some crawfish!!

  2. 12:49 RX
    There might just be something wrong with me but i enjoy mutant makers. The skill for today was awesome to i cant wait to have those in a WOD it will be amazing.

  3. 12:06 30# Holy cow I forgot how evil mutant makers were. Thanks for killing me before the weekend Stefan……LOL

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