Wednesday – 150902 – “Diane”

Wednesday – 150902 – “Diane”


1) 3 Position Clean (Floor, Knee, High Hang) – 3 X 1 @ 80% – DEMO
2) Clean Pull – 4 X 2 @ 100% of 1RM Clean


21-15-9 For time of (8 min cap):
Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Push Up
Note: As a benchmark, this is one of the workouts we use to measure progress over time.  Shoot for sub 6 on this and like Monday don’t stop moving until you are done!  Allowing yourself 75 sec for the 21 Deadlifts and 75 sec for the 21 HSPU, 60 sec each in the round of 15’s, and 45 sec each in the round of 9’s will place you at or below the 6 min mark.

Stop Rx-ing WODs, get better results

What’s more important, doing a workout as Rx or consistently seeing progress in the gym?  I think the answer should be obvious, but unfortunately we don’t always see the right option in practice in the gym.  Check out this great article from about How to Scale WODs for Measurable Improvements.