Thursday – 141211

Thursday – 141211


3 Rounds for time of:
75 KB Swings (55/35)
800m Run


3 Sets of:
20 Shoulder Passthroughs DEMO
5 Skin the Cat with 5 second hold at bottom DEMO

StrengthleteIntroducing our new supplement partner…Strengthlete.

Those of you that have been around for awhile know that it is hard for me to back a supplement company.  I try to keep it pretty simple with just a few basic recommendations.  We offer FitAid as a pre/post workout recovery drink and I recommend most people take a fish oil, protein, and ZMA supplement.  The problem is, when it comes to the majority of the products on the market, I just wouldn’t put them in my body. They are usually filled with  cheap fillers, added sugars, and other chemicals I’d prefer not to consume.  And if I won’t consume them I can’t justify recommending them to our athletes.
So why Strengthlete?
Strengthlete offers a relatively clean, minimalist product.  The ingredients are simple and the product line is to the point.  Strenthlete only offers 3 products:
  1. Launch – Pre-Workout Fuel
  2. Repair – Post-Workout Protein
  3. Complete – Morning or Night Time Protein

This simple approach towards both ingredients and products is one of the big reasons I chose Strengthlete as a partner for WMCF.  Each product has a purpose and fills a need for us as CrossFit athletes.  The other big reason I jumped on-board is the taste.  Strengthlete is not the only clean and simple product on the market, but many of the others struggle to offer something that doesn’t need to be choked down.  For more information check out our Strengthlete fact sheets in the gym or click on the Strengthlete link on the right.  You can order online via the link to the right or through the gym.