The Second Half

Thanks to all of you who have given your lives so we can live free


5 – 30 – 11

WOD:   “Tabata Something Else”


  • pull ups
  • push ups
  • sit ups
  • air squats

Score equals total number of reps completed throught all tabata workouts together

– Post times and scaling to comments –


14 thoughts on “The Second Half”

  1. 302 w/knee pushups
    Sometimes I wonder if a partner should be counting during these kind of workouts, not just on my part, but also others. Agreed?

      1. Casey, that would get annoying. I do agree about the partner counting, though. That’s a lot of reps to keep straight.

  2. 300 (+ or – 5 because in my dead state I probably miscounted)
    So I agree with stephanie’s comment along with everyone else

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