Status update

1 – 18 – 12

1. Power snatch  5×3

– 10 deadhang pull ups after each set

2. 10 – 1/1 – 10

wall balls (20/10)/push ups

3. 2 sets:

  • 25 lunges/leg
  • 400 m sprint

– Post scores, loads and times to comments –


27 thoughts on “Status update”

  1. Where was everyone this morning?
    #1 – I was happy that I was able to get the first 39 dead hang pull-ups without missing. I got my chin to the bar for #40 but could not put it over the bar. That was the best part of the workout for me since pull-ups are a weakness for me.
    I didn’t keep time on the rest of the workout since I was the only one there so I am only posting this to challenge the later classes to go heavy.
    #2 – 30# ball & 25# weight vest
    #3 – 25# vest
    Thanks Sabrina for the help on the snatches. I had never realized what I was doing wrong before.

    1. I knew if I put it down though that you would do it also. I had you in mind when I put it on the site Jason. I know you can kill me on pull-ups and push-ups. I can’t compete with you there.

  2. Miranda- we were working on handstand holds for a cool down and that is Kara with one shoe a few weeks ago when her foot was healing!! Good job this morning Jeremy!

  3. 1) 70# Power Snatch/ Purple band dead hangs
    2) 7:14? RX
    3) 5:38, 5:48 with 25# vest (Heather made me do it. Thanks Heather! Glad I did)

  4. 65 on Snatch blue and red on pu’s.
    WOD 2: 7:21 rx
    WOD 3: I have no idea on the time. Used a 45# vest and that run was brutal.
    I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest, but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying ny hardest!!
    Thats my motivational quote for the day!!

  5. 1. 85# the first two sets, then dropped to 75# (3 sets with purple band pullups)
    2. 7:26 RX.
    3. 3:45 (20# vest)/3:44 no vest. I was beat!

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