Self acclimation

11 – 22 – 11
Skill:     OH squat

  • Find your 1 rep max

WOD:      AMRAP in 12:

  • 10 wall ball (20/14)
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 sit ups

– Push ups are ALWAYS hand release. From now until the end of time. unless I specify otherwise
– Post loads and times to comments –
– We will not be holding the 6 or 7 o’clock classes on Wednesday the 23
– We will be closed both Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holidays. Normal classes will resume with the 10 & 11 am classes on Saturday.


28 thoughts on “Self acclimation”

  1. OHS- 110# (I’ve been just doing the bar so I’m pretty stoked about this)
    WOD- 8 rounds plus 9 wallballs rx
    great job Greg and Naaman!

  2. Burt I have seen so much improvement with you! It’s evident you have been working on things you suck at lol
    10 rounds is crazy! You guys did awesome!

  3. 100# OHS not a PR Dang it!!! I just couldn’t get 105# up there.
    7 rds plus 5 wall balls
    Rx’d up until rd 4 when I had to drop to my knee’s on push ups. 🙁

  4. skill: 90# max ohs (10# pr)
    wod: 7 Rounds + 10 wall balls RX
    Burt- I was stoked to see those squats today. That’s awesome.

  5. Thanks guys! Seeing progress is one of the best feelings ever, makes all those rough days at the box killing yourself well worth it

  6. Lol no Jason..I just decided to go all out, balls to the wall, 110%. It felt awesome..and thanks guys..everyone did great today..Burt, good job on your square bro. Determination is what seperates the men from the little boys.

  7. 155# OHS wod: 8rds + 5 situps. I was 5 damn situps from 9 rds! Stupid game. Jeremy is a beast. He just shows up after being out forever and blows people away. Nice job Jeremy and good job burt! You’re making progress bro!

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