Sames and opposites

1 – 31 – 12
Skill:   “Fran”
21 – 15 – 9

  • thruster (95/65)
  • pull ups

– “Fran” is a sprint WOD. Should be under 7 minutes, easy. If you cannot do the first 21 thrusters and at least 15 of the first pull ups unbroken, GO LIGHTER!
WOD:    2 rounds:

  • 75 DU
  • 50 OH walking lunges (45/25) w/ plate
  • 25 push ups

– Post loads and times to comments –


25 thoughts on “Sames and opposites”

  1. Fran was the 1st Wod I ever tore on… that being said I’m so gald we get to do this after I tore on “The Seven” saturday! is it just me or does it feel like we are on a thruster kick lately?

  2. fran 5:14 its a pr but pretty disappointed in my time for it feel like i should do alot better than that
    skill 15:something really sucked should have done the wod alot faster but fran had my head all jacked up

  3. 11:14 RX on Fran
    That’s a 6 min PR. I am my only competition…so, on my birthday, I am happy with that! 🙂
    Forgot my time on the second wod.

  4. Fran… 6:14 RX (PR by 2:25! First time doing the 1st 21 unbroken!)
    WOD?…… Hahaha I had the same time as nathan… I could barely jumprope after Fran…

  5. Skill : 5:36 front squats (85#) and push ups 21-15-9. No Fran for me. Saving it for the weekend.
    Wod 2: 16:11 (du’s, 45#, and knees)
    That was a tough one.

  6. Fran 8:02 (44 sec PR) Only my second time to do Fran Rx so I’m happy with it.
    WOD 14:53….I think
    My body hurts…

  7. Thank you Lauren!! My goal was not to quit, and beat all of ya’ll females of course…:) I feel like I am coming out of the slump I was in. And I must say I am feeling pretty damn good!

  8. Way to come out of the slump Steph!! I am so glad that u try to beat me. Makes me feel good about myself that I can help with your motivation. That just goes to show that this 33 year old woman with 4 kids is a badass!!!

  9. Heather you have always been a badass! Lauren too! Just feel like I do better going against a specific time to beat. Y’all kick ass along with Sabrina!!

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