Rain or shine

I found this picture while looking for one about all this rain we’re expecting. Thought I should share it with you guys.


9 – 2 – 11

Skill:     Turkish getup

  • Find a heavy single
  • If the 70# KB isn’t enough, try a barbell
  • Begin with light weight on the barbell though because it will be A LOT different than a DB or KB

WOD:      AMRepsAP in 10:

  • 1 pull up
  • 1 push up
  • 5 double unders

– increase pull ups and push ups 1 rep each round

– increase DUs 5 reps each round

– Will go in 2 heats so you will have a partner to help count for you

– Post loads, scores and scaling to comments and the whiteboard at the box!

– Don’t forget that we have Open Gym on the Sundays that fall on the 1st – 15th of every month, and at CFB on all the following Sundays of each month. This class is from 2-3pm and is just some time for you to show up and comlete a WOD you may have missed, or work on a particular skill. Due to recent lack of attendance, we ask that you RSVP for this class so we know that people are going to show.
If attending on a Sunday falling on the 1st – 15th, contact Stefan (CFMC) @ 409-651-0210
If attending one of the later Sundays, contact Neal (CFB) @ 409-651-5679


10 thoughts on “Rain or shine”

  1. Aside from the whole turkish get up thing (I have nightmares about them since stefan made me and him do 38 of those little bastards) I really think this wod looks like fun! Although I STILL can’t do friggin DU’s!

  2. 70# Kettle~Bell on the Turkish Get~Ups.
    7 Rounds (3xSingles) on the WOD.
    For rounds 1~3 I only had to use the Red Band, and for rounds 4~7 I had to use the Blue Band. I was very happy about this, cause about 3 months ago I had to use 2 green bands to do this many pullups!!!!

  3. 95# R side TGU, didnt try the L. 7 rds RX and 5 DUs at the end. oh yeah, and i thrashed my hands in the process. i really thought i was doing right by my callouses (not so much). hooray for seeping open wounds on the hands. win…

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