Pucker up!!

Nom nom


9 – 21 – 11

Skill:    max effort in 2:

  • box jumps (24/20)


100 SDHP (85/55)

– will begin with BB on back and complete 10 walking lunges (5/leg)

– at the top of every minute will stop the SDHPs and complete 10 walking lunges w/ BB on back

– Post scores, loads and times to comments –


35 thoughts on “Pucker up!!”

  1. The lunges are with an empty bb (I think) and the number of lunges is dependent on how long it takes u to do the high pulls, but if it took Neal that long….. Yeah I’m sure we’re all do between 450-500

  2. I’m thinking about bringing my travel trailer with me sat. So we can have a cfmc VIP area 🙂 any feedback or dumb idea? It’s no problem.

  3. Great, we have regular, Jap/cheese, hot, and green onion smoked sausage and deer boudain… Y’all let me know what u prefer

  4. First day sucked. But I still enjoyed it. Sat in my shower for 15 min while running ice cold water. I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.

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