Some of my CFMC girls! Let’s welcome back Heather!! (the one on the right)


10 – 19 – 11

Skill:   Push jerk   5 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1

  • Increase weight each set


  • 200 DUs
  • 30 curtis P’s (95/65)
  • 400 m sprint

– Q: What is a “Curtis P”? 

– A: Clean the bar, lunge forward once/leg with bar in rack, jerk the bar. That is 1 “Curtis P”

– Cannot drop bar in the middle of 1 rep. If you drop the bar before full rep is complete, you must redo full rep

– Post loads and times to comments –


49 thoughts on “Power+speed”

  1. Skill: 165# 1RM
    WOD: 17:50 (3x singles, RX)
    Burned through the 600 singles, but slowed WAY down during the Curtis P’s. Felt good to RX the weight for the first time in awhile, although my legs may disagree.
    P.S. Burt suggested we change “Curtis P’s” to “Chuck D’s” and I support this 100%

  2. See, I thought a Curtis P was the move where you go 0-16, so you can get the first pick in the NFL draft, to have another great quarterback to eventually replace your hall of fame quarterback.
    That’s a ridiculously hard looking WOD, though. Miss you guys.

  3. 14:40 65# (I got 8 reps in at RX then I realized Curtis P is a bully)
    quest for 100 DU’s unbroken still alive, got up to 79 though
    Great WOD Stefan

    1. Awesome job Burt. I can’t do 1 DU unbroken.lol. I think my legs are too sore for this WOD, but I do want to max out on push jerk.

    1. Um, that’s 600 jump ropes for me and those Curtis P’s aien’t happening with my legs as sore as they are. I’d much rather do the fun max. I’ve got to rest. I’ve been 3 days in a row.

  4. 185 max could have kept going but i was at my last one so i stopped
    17:25 rx pretty content with that time since im pretty bad at DU and curtis p was a new movement but i really enjoyed this wod overall. keep up the good work stefan

  5. Don’t worry Garrett I have to do 600 too… But the only limitations we have are those we set in our own mInds.
    And I got u Alan… I’ll def. bust my body weight!

  6. Skill: 105#
    Tried 115# twice. Was a little wobbly but i almost had it.
    Not close to my body weight, so gravity over powered
    WOD: 16:50 RX.
    Curtis P became my friend today.

  7. I wish I could make it on tonight maybe I will do my max jerk tomorrow! I think it’s time for a new PR! way to go steph! Is it strictly push jerk or can you split jerk? Anyone…?

  8. Skill: 95#
    WOD: 18:09 (50# and 3x singles)
    With that said, this was a real butt-burner.
    A few more “that’s what she saids” and we’ll be at 50 posts again!

  9. Skill 215#- had to go to the YMCA to do it. I missed the 6pm class and had to eat dinner before 7:30 as I have to fast for 12 hours tonight for labs in the morning.

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