Play that song DJ! 5/9/11

The faces of determination


Skill:   Deadhang pull ups   5- 5- 5- 5- 5

WOD:    Complete each WOD seperately:

  • #1  –  100 wall ball (20#/14#)
  • #2  –  2k row
  • #3  –  50 hand release pushups

Each WOD will have an 8 minute cut off. Each WOD will begin ten minutes apart so your amount of rest before the next WOD begins will depend on how quickly you can finish the previous one.

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19 thoughts on “Play that song DJ! 5/9/11”

      1. Dang you Casey for calling me a celeb.
        All I heard yesterday was “Come on Celeb!!”
        oh the love at CFMC

  1. 5:44(RX)
    DNF (180m left)
    Keep a 2:00/500m pace if you want to even think about finishing that 2k Row…

  2. 8:25 RX (I did these last) 7:35 RX ( I rowed first thank goodness lol), 3:35 RX. This workout was brutal!! Oh and blue then red band for the DH pullups.

  3. 5:25 wallball rx/ 4:10 push ups rx/ 7:42 row.
    2k row= hell on earth
    skill work:1 set normal 3 sets with a 15#db then down to a 10#db for the last set

  4. This is the wod I come back to after being on vacation for 2 weeks! Brutal!
    5:20 wb rx 4:31pushups rx rowed 1890 dnf.

  5. 120m left on the row
    3:28 on push ups
    3 sets of BW and 2 with 5# DB on pull up
    20# wall ball (not sure on the time)
    The 6 pm class was HUGE. Gotta love it!

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