Play Hard

Marc, Brian and Burt:

They work hard, but they party even harder!!


6 – 23 – 11

Skill:    1000 m row time trial

WOD:    AMRAP in 5:

  • 5 hand stand push ups
  • 5 ring dips

– Post scaling and times to comments –


15 thoughts on “Play Hard”

  1. I finally got my pic on the site!!! My life is now complete! Id like to thank stefan my friends and family…. wait… is that to much?

  2. 3:55 on the row
    4 rds (blue/purple on the hspu/rx dips)
    When your muscles quit they literally quit
    11 on the cool down

  3. 3:37 row (def a PR but i dont know by how much)
    3 rds (2 mats) hit failure on the HSPU real quick, pretty solid on the ring dips
    10 on the cool down

  4. Let’s see… there’s me Burt brian… ur right! Stefan and neal def should’ve been in this pic! Good call sabrina!

  5. 3:55 on row 5 rounds plus 5 hspu. Blue and green band rx ring dips. Should have used a blue and red band for hspu.

  6. Please and thank you! I loved this work out! 5 rds, hspu with red and green contraption, and ring dips with the red band. 9 reps per tabata.

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