Only here

4 – 27 – 12
-1 mile run

  • burpees
  • KB swings (55/35)

-1 mile run
Post loads and times to comments –


12 thoughts on “Only here”

  1. Great job this morning everyone!!! D.J. Set the bar for the day. Props to Brady for Working out every single 6 am class this week, that was awesome! Take a nap :). And a huge thanks to Brittany!!! My 5:10 am workout partner, I am so stoked that we have accomplished so many goals over the last few months. Watching your progression has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Keep up all the great work EVERYONE and see you all in Savannah hopefully sooner than later!!!!!!

  2. This makes me want to cry! It’s only a week, it’s only a week!! I can’t thank you enough for pushing me and believing in me it has made a HUGE difference for me…it’s only a week!

  3. WOD=35:56. 1mile/RX burpees and kb swings/800m.
    I wish I could shake this funk I seem to be stuck in lately!!!!

  4. 27:20 rx yea that second mile was pretty bad.
    I’m glad I got to see Sabrina on the way in! I almost cried!

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