Knee pads?

Skill- Clean and Jerk 5-3-3-1-1-1
work up to a heavy single
Partner WOD-
P1- 100’overhead walking lunge 45/25
P2- AMREP clean and jerk 135/95
P1- 100’overhead walking lunge 45/25
P2-  AMREP ring rows
P1- 100’overhead walking lunge 45/25
P2- AMREP Bar-facing burpees
When P2 comes back from the overhead lunges they will move to the next movement.
No rest in between rounds.
Knee touches concrete every rep for the lunges
This will be a partner vs. partner workout so the faster you do the lunges the less time your partner has to complete reps in the AMREPs.
Score is total reps completed


14 thoughts on “Knee pads?”

      1. 225# is tough. I squat-clean-and-jerked it in Savannah for a new PR and hope to duplicate that success today.

        1. I’m not doubting the toughness but he always tries to make huge jumps and fails. I think if he eased into heavier weights he would have better luck.

      2. ill say yes but more than likely not because i pick a number that i think im capable of doing then go for it if i fail i fail plus it was my last 1 rep was all out of chances

  1. Hell yeah Julie! So excited to see another awesome female athlete join our family. Keep it up girl!

  2. Max Rep: #205. Squat-cleaned #215 but couldn’t get. it. up.
    Totally tapped out on the C&J work.
    WOD: 49 (115#)

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