Our girls can kick your girls’ butts


10 – 6 – 11

Skill:     Time trial:

  • 500 m row

WOD:     “Nicole”

AMRAP in 20:

  • 400 m run
  • max pull ups

– Score = total number rounds and pull ups

– Post loads and times to comments –


42 thoughts on “ICE CREAM!!”

  1. I’m going to make a prediction and say that I’ll be doing a hell of a lot of rowing during this amrap. I’m not exactly polished when it comes to pull ups!!

  2. One of my favorites! The main site had a great video on rowing technique yesterday, check it out before doing the sprint

  3. A decent row and a bad Nicole. Going from rowing to Nicole sucks. I will have to do this again. I screwed up my rounds.
    1:28.5 row
    100 pullups on Nicole

    1. I had the song from yesterday stuck in my head. Ice Cream is a song by the Wu-Tang Clan. Not really a song I would get stuck in my head.

  4. Shoot! I may have to join drew Sunday, I really want to try this but I need to rest before the UFC competion that starts tomorrow

  5. I want to come but I did so much climbing and walking last night at work, I’m Judy going back to sleep. I may try this Sunday with the rest of the lazy butts.

  6. Row-1:34.5
    WOD- 93 reps
    My heart skipped a beat when i realized Jeremy’s mark was beatable, then broke into a millon pieces when i couldn’t hold onto the bar my last set. 10 rep PR though

  7. i wish my good days were as good as jermeys bad days.
    1:31 row and 65 pull ups i figure if i keep doing this eventually ill get back into the swing of things

  8. Good job burt that’s pretty impressive bro. And your post was written so poetically… I’m going for about a 5 min row and maybe a 15 RX… Followed by lots of beer… Or maybe while drinking lots of beer. Hmmm…

  9. I love reading all of yalls
    2:08 row/ 37 pullups with red and purple band… This wod sucks when you’re terrible at pullups, o well, got a lot of running in for the day:)
    Happy Birthday Ashley! Sorry I’m going to miss out on your birthday burpees

      1. So I can do it again with them. I like Nicole enough to do her again. I think I have a good game plan this time. You should come out too Stephanie. And bring D.J.!

  10. 1:25.9 in the row. Supposedly that’s good. Only 51 pu rx in the wod; I’m improving though. I really wish I could go to the UFC expo and watch y’all compete, but alas, I must attend dogtober fest.

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