High Intensity

Justin Talley hanging out

SKILL: 5-5-5 overhead squat
3 rounds:

  • 15 kb swings
  • 20 doubles
  • 300m single arm farmers carry

GRAND OPENING TOMORROW!!! From 11-1, beginners workout at 11am-12pm, and INSANE members only WOD from 12pm-1pm. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Come, even if you just want to watch and hang out.


2 thoughts on “High Intensity”

  1. FINE ILL POST SINCE NO ONE ELSE WILL! I didn’t do the skill work. I was super motivated after watching Jim and his friend Bill workout at the 6pm. Thanks for hanging around for the push guys. 9:40 with a 55# on swings, double unders, and 35# on the carry. Single arm carry is freaking awkward.

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