Good call

11 – 21 – 11
Skill:      Max vertical jump
Bridge:       Tabata:

  • pull ups
  • push ups

– alternating between the 2 for 4 minutes
– score = total number reps of both movements
WOD:       AMRepsAP in 6:

  • 30 DUs
  • 20 box jumps (30/24)

– Post loads and times to comments –
– Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the Pub Run on Friday. So far, from the runners along, we’ve raised $514. I am going by the restaurants today to collect their portions and I’ll keep you posted on how much we raised for Marlee


43 thoughts on “Good call”

  1. My double-unders have finally arrived in time for the holidays!
    Skill: 24″
    Tabata Score: 64 (purple-band)
    WOD: 2 rounds + 24 DUs

    1. You’re the one that followed. Not the brightest of moves on our part. BTW the shower the next morning ranked right up there with showering with freshly ripped hands

  2. 20″ vertical jump( if that qualifies as a jump)
    102 reps on tabata pullups/pushups
    2rds + 5 SUs (30″ box, 3Xsingles)
    91 situps on tabata cool down

  3. Let’s see if I can remember all this lol.
    16″ vert
    80 tabata bridge
    2rds plus 19 DU’s
    And the tabata cool down… 105

  4. I saw you two disappear into that dark alley together hidden by all the bushes… What was going on back there alan?? If you had just kept going about 20 more feet there was a cut thru… Just saying…

  5. For some reason I feel like I’ve done this workout before. I couldn’t find it in my book, but I was looking fast. I’m excited, my dus have been great latelyy

  6. Congrats Casey! I practiced mine for a good while Sunday and still no luck. Starting to get really frustrating. But your success gives me hope!

  7. Skill 25″ 81 reps on tabatta and wod was 3rds plus 11 30″ box jumps (3x singles) this wod was a lot of fun. It was short so it you just went all out.

  8. good job Steph!! i didnt do the vertical jump because that is just being plain mean to short people!! 72 rx on the bridge, and 2 rds = 16 du’s rx on the wod!! and Jason……that sucked big donkey dick!!

  9. 16″ vertical jump — Skill
    100 (bl/rd bands) — Tabata Bridge
    3 rds (20″, 60 sgl) + 5 sgls — WOD
    102 (BC/RT’s) — Tabata Cool Down

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