Get your hands dirty

4 – 30 – 12
Skill:   Snatch every minute for 12 minutes

  • Start at 70% of 1-rep max
  • Must complete 2 reps within the given minute before moving up in weight
  • If you miss both attempts you must go down in weight

– score=last completed weight
WOD: AMRAP in 6:

  • 5 squat snatch (95/65)
  • 20 DU

Cool down: tabata DUs
– Post loads and times to comments –


25 thoughts on “Get your hands dirty”

  1. Skill: 145#
    WOD: 5 rounds (95# but 2x singles)
    Thanks Burt for advising everyone to stick with singles because DUs would have wasted so much time if you don’t already “have” them.

    1. short workout=focus on constantly moving not fighting through DU’s. Good job this moring. You can get way more on your snatch once you get that mental game down, your form is solid.

  2. 6am….
    Skill: 135#
    WOD: 3rds+3 (95#/40 singles)
    Skill: 135#
    WOD: 5rds (95#/40 singles)
    Subbed OHS for Squat Snatch this go around
    First two a day ever and was pretty happy with the results!!

  3. SKILL = 185# Snatch 10#PR from 2 weeks ago!!
    WOD = 5 Rounds at 95#/ 10-DUs, I did the same Double / Single mixture as Jason. As always i’m having trouble catching the bar at the bottom on the squat snatch….
    Cool Down, 4DUs was the lowest number per round.
    This was a good day for me, I felt much better that I have over the last couple weeks, maybe this is a sing that i’m comming out of the slump???
    Great job coaching Burt.

  4. 155# skill was so close but just couldnt get 175 wasn’t to happy about that (such a big jump due to lack of smaller weights)
    6rnds rx
    15 du’s

  5. Skill: I loved it!
    95# (20# pr!)
    Wod: broken bar! Totalled at 4 rounds rx
    Did 3 snatches my 3rd round, and 7 my 4th round. Blew!
    15du got distracted by some kid running around inside. Not cool!

  6. Skill- 125 (my current pr) just can’t get this movement down
    WOD- 5 rounds w/ 80#
    Skill- 3 rounds at 35 till that little kid came running in

  7. The ankle biter at the 5 oclock definitley interrupted the cool down
    Good job Heather — on the color part.
    Thanks Shawn – 185lb snatch is still #2 on the board!

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