Fuzz Funk


Skill- 3 sets of 10 Supine ring rows.
A standard supine ring row is very similar to a ring push up. The rings and box will be at the same height and instead of facing down and pushing up with your feet on the box, like you do in a ring push up, you will face up and pull your body to the rings. Keep your body as rigid as possible when performing this movement.

For time-
20 Kettle bell snatches (per arm) 55/35
25 DU’s
50′ broad jump
15 Kettle bell snatches (per arm)
50 DU’s
50′ broad jump
10 Kettle bell snatches (per arm)
75 DU’s
50′ broad jump

No barbells today guys!

There are still a couple spots left for the Olympic Lifting Class at CFB Jan 26th. This is a great opportunity to improve your Oly lifts, and at $25 its a steal!


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