fogo de yum

March 5, 2012

Skill: Deadlift 5×5  75% of your 1rep max
Todays WOD is a partner WOD….

  • 100 DumbBell Thrusters (45#/30#)
  • 100 DumbBell Rows (45#/30#)
  • 100 Weighted Russian Twists (45/30)

Partner 1 will complete as many reps of movement as possible while Partner 2 runs 400m. Switch as needed until each partner completes 100 reps.  Neither partner is allowed to move to next movement until both are done.  If Partner 1 has not completed 100 reps but Partner 2 has Partner 2 takes off on another run.


20 thoughts on “fogo de yum”

  1. Skill: 275# (this was my first 1 rep max when I started CrossFit. Proof it works right there.)
    WOD: Partnered with DJ (25#/35#) 20:00 DNF due to time
    100 Thrusters are horrible!!

  2. Skill…. 315# …
    WOD…35:29. Burt and I partnered ….. Sorry for the extra running Burt!!!!
    Burt ..25# db on all movements
    Jason ..25#, 45#, 45#….. I think Burt ran 2 extra laps than me!
    That one was a tough one..

  3. Casey I would but I don’t remember what is was.
    #110 on skill
    #2o on everything sooo glad I didn’t do this with #25.

  4. SKILL- 275 x 4, 225 last set
    WOD- 28:32 (35#)
    Had to jet on Brady for the last 400m run. Work was already calling when I was in the shower.

  5. 315×1 365×4
    30:00 time limit got to #48 on russian twists – subbed 95# barbell thrusters – who ever picked this WOD should be put in timeout for the rest of the week.

  6. GREAT job by everyone today! I know it was an ass kicker but we all pushed through! Great job Telia you were awesome tonight!
    Got up to 38 russian twists before 30:00 min time limit

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