11 – 8 – 11
Skill:      Tabata box jumps (24/20)
WOD:        “Annie”
50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10

  • DUs
  • Sit ups

– Post loads and times to comments –


25 thoughts on “Fluffy”

  1. I just got the number one spot on the board and now your gonna let me get knocked off? Guess I better pick up my game tomorrow at 11 and get a better time than I did Sunday. Game on!!!!

  2. THAT’s what I’m talkin about Heather. I don’t have my double unders, but I’m still super excited. Tabata box jumps- hell yeah!

  3. skill: 5 per round @ 20″ ( that’s just mean to put those before “Annie”!!)
    and RX’ed my first named WOD witha crappy time of 12:56, but that gives me something to beat in like a month 🙂
    cash out = jello legs with a 10# ball

  4. Skill- 8
    Choked on the WOD 7:20 rx, couldn’t get more than 20 DU’s unbroken
    3:53 on the cashout (50 wallballs 400m sprint)

  5. 7 box jumps @ 24 inches
    Annie was a big fail….my calves hurttttt! And thank you stefan for calling me “fluffy” jerk face!!:)

  6. Hammer and Chisel has released info on the “Floater WOD.”
    “Dirty Deeds”
    – 9 GHD Situps
    – 5 DB GTOH’s (50/35 standard, 40/30 scaled)
    – 2 Rope Climbs (15′ standard, 10′ scaled women only)
    What have I gotten myself into…?

  7. You and me both Jason. We just need to practice!!
    Saw that floater wod and my stomach dropped. But at least it’s just the “floater” wod. I think that rope will be getting a lot of practice tomorrow. So freaking excited/nervous.

  8. Yep and steph the ghd is pretty painful so get ready!:) usually a floater wod really only needs to be done if u have a shot at winning, so if u don’t think u will come in at least top 10, I wouldnt stress over this one too much….

  9. Right! It should be set up where you can complete it at anytime during the competition….the times I’ve seen floater wods thats how it’s been….it’s like an extra credit thing:)

  10. That and if you go in and try to use a GHD for the first time in a WOD… you stand a chance of putting yourself out of commission while recovering! Not to scare anyone but to be aware of rhabdomyolysis… look it up. Im pretty sure in a 6 min AMRAP with multiple movements, your safe…
    Check out Crossfit journal issue 38 of October 2005 and 33 of May 2005… good reads and pretty informative of what it is and what to look for.

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