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My name is Ricky Bolyard and I am a forty-seven year old father of two awesome girls, Emily-18 and Elizabeth-11.  I have worked out since Jr. High off and on.  When I say “work out” I mean lift weights in a regular gym three-four times a week and maybe a little cardio thrown in the mix.  I always thought I was in pretty good shape, but now I know better!
I was introduced to Crossfit by a friend a few years ago.  We would follow the main site WOD’s at a local gym and substitute accordingly.  My good friend Mark Beaty, joined CFMC and had talked to me on several occasions about the awesome results he was achieving and some of the times he would get in the named WOD’s.  I would think…”No way had he done that WOD in that time,” (sorry I doubted you Mark!!).  In August 2012 I finally joined Mark at a Saturday 11:00 a.m. free class.  After warm-up that consisted of a lot of stretching (something I never did before) we did the WOD that consisted of wall-balls and jumping lunges.  Mark spanked me by about two minutes that day.  I joined CFMC the next week!
I have been a member of CFMC for eight months now and I can’t tell you how many times family and friends ask what I am doing different.  So, I take the opportunity to tell them all about the benefits of Crossfit!  Although I have only lost about five pounds I am a lot leaner than I used to be, my strength and endurance has increased tremendously and I have cinched my belt up a couple of notches!
The main benefit from my doing Crossfit is one that was unexpected.  I had my yearly physical at work last month which included fasting blood-work.  The doctor (who has been my personal physician for twelve years) was shocked at the results.  He was curious to know what I was doing to be in the best shape since he has known me to have such a positive effect on my health.  My triglycerides and LDL went down, HDL went up and my total cholesterol went from 233 down to 167!  My diet has stayed the same; Crossfit is the only thing I have changed in my life.  I am leaner, healthier, stronger and feel better than ever and it is all due to Crossfit.
The knowledge and attitudes of all the coaches keep me working safe and motivated.  My fellow CFMC athletes are also very encouraging.  The local Crossfit community is like an extended family.  Everyone is very positive and all have their own success stories.  I have made some good friends at CFMC and have enjoyed spending time with them.  I read an online article a while back and he made the observation, “Where else do you see an athlete cheering on their competitor?”  That quote describes the type of competition and camaraderie we have at Crossfit.  You want to continue to improve but you also enjoy seeing your fellow CF’ers improve even if it means they bumped you off the leader board.  It’s all about doing your best work on any given day.
I am truly grateful to every single coach we have at CFMC.  They go above and beyond their normal job requirement to inspire and help others in their Crossfit journey.  I asked a good friend and co-worker to proof-read my article (it has been a very long time since I have written anything!) and he told me I left something out that he has noticed different about me.  My attitude.  He said I have become a happier person.  After thinking about that I would have to agree with him.  Thank you, Neal and all the coaches for creating such a positive environment for every level of athlete to train and grow in our Crossfit adventure.


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