Featured Athlete: Gene Joseph Flores

Hi, my name is Gene Flores. I am beyond astounded and amazed to be the featured athlete this month. Unlike most of our featured athletes, I have no impressive background. I was always a chubster growing up and at 5’2 and 280 lbs starting my junior year I obviously was not into sports. Instead of the normal extracurriculars, I went to work. My growth spurt finally started to hit after I started a normal gym routine. A combination of farm strength, working out, and a terrible diet had bulked me far into the 375 lbs range.
Trying the diets I read in lifting magazines (on a budget) had trimmed me down to about 350 lbs. This is when I met my wife, Christine. We had often talked about getting back in shape. It wasn’t until seeing my former fat friend, Cody Sanders, have a six pack and doing handstand ring push ups that I realized there are some holes in my workouts.
Me and Christine started immediately. My first workout was with Neal. After almost blacking out after a 5 min amrap, I knew this was it. My next workout was with Stefan at CFMC – the place I now know as my home. I had an on and off relationship with crossfit and paleo for quite some time before basically stopping for a year and a half. Then life happened. I received a double work injury of a slipped disc and hernia. Freshly married with a kid on the way I gained weight like crazy due to just being lazy.
Flash forward to the final weeks of 2016 I was 358 lbs running into many health problems and feeling pretty rough. Being on far too many pills, I decided to change. I worked with Shay and Carrie Pugh to change my life. My paleo diet evolved into keto and I found myself addicted to working out (even if I had to start over pretty slow). Now here i am 70+ lbs down from New Years & 100 lbs from my heaviest weight. CFMC has given a strength and tenacity to my life I never thought I could achieve. That confidence is strengthened by the great trainers and athletes I have met at this box. It has carried over into all aspects of my life: CFMC has been my life saver, my family, and my home! I am honored to be featured. update: no more meds!


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