Facade (fuh-sod)

I feel like there’s only one genuine smile in this picture. All the others seem a bit mischievous

9 – 1 – 11
Skill:     For time:

  • 100 sit ups

WOD:     9 – 6 – 3

  • mutant makers (45/30)
  • 150 m farmer’s carry after each round

– Post loads and times to comments & on the white board at the box!! (I kinda like to know who’s showing up)
I am going to change all membership payments to be withdrawn on the 1st of every month. There will be one month that will be a change-over month where most payments will be prorated, then your normal amount will be withdrawn every month on the 1st.  This will become effective on the 1st of October. If anyone has any objections, please contact me by phone or email with your questions or concerns.


19 thoughts on “Facade (fuh-sod)”

  1. skill- 2:55 Lauren killed it!!
    WOD- 10:48 (35#)
    i like Vick’s comment when we first got to the gym “9-6-3” doesn’t sound that bad…

  2. Stefan- who you calling ingenuine? Certainly not me! I’m as real as they come.
    Wait, Nevermind. Kara’s the only innocent one in this group.

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