Endurance WOD:

8 – 10 – 11
WOD:     “Endurance WOD” (sort of)
8 rounds:

  • 400 m run
  • 10 burpees

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30 thoughts on “Endurance WOD:”

  1. stefans thinking last night: what should i do for a WOD? how about kill/ gut check everyone…. thats a great idea! (high five to his self)

  2. Since I don’t have any skin left on my hands I am happy were running.
    Goals for the day:
    1. go to work— check
    2. eat paleo— not so much
    3. beat Stefan— ?????

  3. i thought Stefan stole it from Jamie as well
    Fun/Interesting WOD, nothing like a little run and sun to do the body good
    23:06 Pretty proud of this considering running is a weakness.
    Dominated my goal of just getting it under 25

  4. Glad I could help Stefan…wish I could come do it but my son just got home from being gone for two weeks and wants me to stay home! Mommy’s got to do what a mommy’s got to do!!!

  5. 23:38 running sucks! I hate running! Running is the devil! Next time im using a skateboard for the 2 miles! Running is stupid! Its true look it up!

  6. Stephanie, at least you finished! I only made it half way thru(4 rounds)…. 13:??
    Helpful tip: do not do this WOD if all you ate for the whole day was the nutty mixed up salad from Jason’s and a few cookies…. Bad Idea

  7. Justin and JJ: I got 19:07. I wasn’t sure for a bit if maybe I missed a round but I’ve recapped and recapped and know I did all 8. This is the first WOD I’ve done really well in for a couple weeks so I’m pumped!!

  8. no way stefan. you skipped a round. i know it. and we all know that CFMC run course is bush league. nothing like running uphill on MLK

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