"When I first started I couldn't even jog, now I want to do what everybody else is doing!" Dixie, you are a joy to coach

5 rounds
400m run
30 box jumps (24’/20″)
30 wallballs (20/14)
CrossFit Lumberton is hosting the “CrossFit for Hope” workout at 11am June 9th, come out for a tough workout for a great cause!
donations can be made at http://hope.crossfit.com/


8 thoughts on “Dixie”

  1. Did strength work today instead of this long metcon, trying to put on weight-
    6am- 4×4 back squats at 185
    coastie class- 20 min on the min every min 3 squat cleans/3 muscle ups (odd minutes squat cleans, even min muscle ups)
    11am- 20 min AMRAP-
    3 deep HSPU (extra 45# plate)
    sled push down and back 50#
    15 unbroken hollow rocks
    sled push down and back
    8 rounds plus 1 HSPU
    just one of those days that i wouldnt mind being in the box doing stuff all day.

  2. First day in San Antonio
    Mile run
    4 rounds
    5 back squat (135)
    10 deadlift (135)
    Mile run
    26:13 RX
    Hills suck!

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