the definition of destrominate

Skill- Turkish get up- 3-2-1 (each arm)
WOD- 12 minute AMRAP
7 push press (95/65)
14 box jumps (24″/20″)


19 thoughts on “DESTROMINATE”

  1. Normally 10-12, but Barbara was tough! It will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow evening… Double digits for sure

  2. skill 80# for the last 1
    wod: 8 rnds + 7 push press + 1 BJ rx really wanted the double digits but that pace gets real tough
    cool down mile run

  3. I really, really HATE running!! Does anyone have any ideas on how to get past the hate and move into the neutral zone?? And since when is a mile run a COOL DOWN??

  4. Try to think about something other than running – – listening to music with a constant beat helps or even trying to name all 7 dwarfs’ or think of the 12 disciples, maybe think of your favorite Disney character or recite the phonetic alphabet? (Alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, Echo, foxtrot, etc)
    Get you mind off the constant pounding of your feet on the concrete, burning lungs & that foul taste of a possible “reversal of fortune”

  5. Christine, there isn’t anyone in the world that hates it more than me. Trust me!
    Skill: 35#, 45#, 55#.
    WOD: 7rds plus 7 push press. Rx

  6. WOD: 7 RDS…started on the 24″ box but after round 2 had to drop down to the 20″ box
    Thanks again, Heather for the new jump rope,its AWESOME!!!

  7. Alan, I am rigging up my Ipod this weekend, but I love the seven dwarf idea. LOL. and Heather, I am in a tight race with you on hating running.

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