Crush it



Skill:     max effort in 2:

  • sit ups
  • KB swings (70/55)

– rest between efforts

WOD:     “Rough Karen”

  • 150 wall ball (20/14)

– 5 burpees for each time you drop the medball


26 thoughts on “Crush it”

  1. Roosters- excellent work this morning! Almost everyone RX’d the WOD and a lot of heart was shown by never allowing the ball to drop/fall/ricochet/slip/become overwhelmed by gravity/careen/…

  2. 74 situps-PR by 14!!!!
    42 KB swings(70#) thanks to Stefan for making me warm up with 70# for the last 4 weeks
    WOD= suckage
    9:00 scaled to 100 (60@20# then 40@14#)

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