CFMC/CFB Competition – Also starring the CFB Grand Re-opening

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys and girls – On Saturday, July 9, we will be hosting a friendly competition that will be open to all CFB and CFMC members (as well as any CrossFit Boot Campers.) This will also coincide with the grand re-opening of CFB at our new location at MLK & South Street. The competition will begin at 9am and conclude around 4pm. We will continue to party with a Paleo cook-out; we urge everyone to bring some sort of Paleo-friendly dish. The cook-out and party will last until whenever we decide to stop partying! Feel free to bring any friends or family to hang out and watch. The date of this event may change to either the Saturday the 9th, or Saturday the 23rd. Stay posted.

We want this competition to be as inclusive as possible, therefore we are going to have three divisions – Standard, Intermediate, & Beginner. WE WANT EVERYONE TO COMPETE! This will be a very laid-back event. Everyone will be judging someone else. We will review the standards for each movement but it will be up to each athlete Here are the workouts to help you decide which division to compete in. If you know you can do all the movements in a division then sign yourself up!


3 Rounds:

10 Pull-Ups (Chest to bar/Chin Over Bar = RX) (Red Band Pull-Ups = Intermediate)(Ring Rows with toes under rings=Beginner)

10 Front Squats (145/85 = RX) (115/65 = Intermediate) (75/35 = Beginner)

10 Bar-facing Burpees


As Fast As Possible Move From Ground To Overhead (5000#/3500# = RX) (4000/2500= Intermediate)(3000/1500=Beginner)

EX: You get to pick the weight of your barbell. If you are a standard male and you choose a 100# bar you have to complete 50 reps (100# X 50reps=5000#). If you choose a 135# bar you have to complete 37 reps. You can snatch or clean & jerk the weight. The minimum weights are as follows (95/45) (75/35)(55/25)


5 Rounds:

200m Run

5 Thrusters (53/35# Kettlebell Thrusters = RX) (35/20# Dumbbells = Intermediate)(20/10# Dumbbells = Beginner)

10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35= RX) (45/25 = Intermediate) (35/15=Beginner)

20 Double Unders (3x Singles for Intermediate) (2x Singles for Beginner)

If you want to sign up send an e-mail to both AND In your email let us know what division you plan to be in. We may have to cap the number of athletes in each division so the quicker you sign up the sooner your spot is reserved. This will be a free event but if you’re going to stick around for the cook-out we ask that you please bring a dish. More information will be posted soon. If you have a question leave it in the comments.


12 thoughts on “CFMC/CFB Competition – Also starring the CFB Grand Re-opening”

  1. I heard that the Coast Guard guys at CFB are going to crush the Coast Guard guys at CFMC…just saying, word on the street.

  2. Emily Pacetti

    I wanted to let everyone know that you all did such an awesome job! I’m so glad to be a part of crossfit. It was great competing and hanging out with such a wonderful group of people. All you members at crossfit make it what it is. Thank you so much to all of you who constantly push me and others to make everyone better. GREAT WORK!…now go stretch and recoup : )

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