Cellar Door

Skill- Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

WOD- for time

9 Curtis P’s

burpee broad jumps 50′

7 Curtis P’s

burpee broad jumps 50′

5 Curtis P’s

burpee broad jumps 50′

“Curtis P”= 1 power clean + lunge left and right leg with barbell in rack position + push press without dropping the bar.

No “RX” weight today guys, go with something challenging but also a weight that you can keep a good pace with and keep proper form in the rack position. NO PUSH JERKS

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17 thoughts on “Cellar Door”

  1. I’m gonna use as much leg as possible and jump the bar overhead. Push press isn’t about how much legs we use but how we receive the bar overhead; legs at full extension as opposed to re-dipping under the bar as you get or overhead like a jerk. But when I do heavy push press it usually turns into a push jerk bc it’s so much easier

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