Cartoonishly fit


5 min to find a 3 rep max clean
run 800m for time
3 min to find max unbroken set of double unders
run 800m for time
5 min to find 3 rep max snatch

WOD notes- 3 rep max attempts MUST be touch and go reps. If you rest between each rep rest in the tall hang position.
The clock will reset  when the last person gets in after running. Faster you run the more rest you get, the slowest runner will only get 10 seconds of rest before the timer starts again.

-post 3RM weights, highest UB double under set and run times to comments-

We’re going to be having a pub run on Saturday, December 8 at 5:30 in Beaumont starting at Thirstys. If you want to participate we ask that you bring a toy to be donated to Toys For Tots AND dress up like Santa, an elf, reindeer, or anything to do with the holidays to make it that much more fun. Please help us spread the word so share this with your friends, this event will be open to any and everyone that’s over 21 years old.

Thanksgiving schedule-
Today- 6am, 11am, 4:30pm and 5:30pm (no 6:30pm class)
Thursday- Open Gym 8:00-9:30am
Friday- Open Gym 12:00-1:30pm
Saturday- Regular classes (9, 10 and 11am)


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