Can you open this for me?

March 15, 2012

4 Rounds

  • Press
  • Push Press
  • Push Jerk
  • 150m Farmers Carry (55#/35#)

Rest 3min between rounds.
Choose a weight that you can get at least 7 strict presses with.  Each movement will be done until failure. Without setting the bar down, go directly into the next movement.
Cool Down:
Green Band Sprints 3 x down and back


10 thoughts on “Can you open this for me?”

  1. how i felt the first time i did this … and what do you know i felt the same way this time
    positive note i did 4 more reps than the first time and did it faster
    Casey great job today brittany you to he just impressed me with the bump up in weight

    1. Thanks, Deej. I’m assuming you heard me on that last FC run, “If you put them down, I’m catching you.” Nice beast mode.

  2. Was confused on how this was going to work at first. I thought you had to be able to do 7 of each lift per round. Figuring there was no way I’d be able to do 7 strict presses after the first round with any significant weight and still reaching 21+ reps, I went with (what I thought was) light.
    In the end, it still kicked my arse, and now I’m even more confused then before I started typing.
    15, 12, 11, 18 (95#)
    45# Farmer’s Carry
    I hurt.

  3. 30, 19, 17, 20 (95#) 55#KB
    I didn’t do any push jerks on last 3 rounds, still cant figure those damn things out.

  4. It hurts to move my arms, but… 21 – 16 – 18 – 21 (35#) 25# KB
    I was confused the first few rounds, and then on the first round I totally smacked myself with the bar…set me back a little, lmao

  5. 22-22-23-26 at 35# with 35# LB. Only 6th class, got my butt kicked and can’t wait for more! I definitely watched out for my chin. Thanks for the heads up Ashley. Lol (but seriously, I made sure to get my head out of the way.)

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