Blueberry muffin?

11 – 4 – 11
Skill:     Max effort in 1 min:

  • Ring dips
  • Jumping lunges

WOD:     5 rounds: (95/65)

  • 15 SDHP
  • 10 shoulder to OH
  • 5 bar-facing burpees

– Remember all burpees and push ups are always hand release from now on

– Post loads and times to comments –



19 thoughts on “Blueberry muffin?”

  1. “Remember all burpees and push ups are always hand release from now on”
    When did this get announced? I did not get the memo.

  2. I love that you’re making them all hand release now!!!! No one can cheat the range of motion and it gets everyone in the habit for competitions. I hope he does this at CFB too! And I’ll be there at 11 as part of the 3 headed monster 🙂

  3. Skill:
    20 ringdips
    58 jumping lunge things
    Wod: 13:15 RX
    My body hurts and I agree with Alan. Lauren… There’s something wrong with you. If you thought that was fun you should definitely get out more…

  4. 26 ring dips
    54 jumping lunges
    WOD 11:13 RX
    MAX DEADHANG PULL UP…. 90# (2 vests)!
    Going to bust 100 but shoulders were tired from WOD

  5. 20 ring dips (red) lost count on jumping lunges
    14:57 (50#)
    Didn’t think I did to horrible for my second day back. Stefan is keeping his promise on making sure he kicks my ass!

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