Back in action

back in action and super motivated!

Skill- 10×1 Squat Snatch
Just like the clean and jerks on Friday, the emphasis here is proper form.


3 rounds:
25 push ups
50 sit ups
25 OHS 65/45
50 double unders.

Mark your Calendars for Saturday, December 8. CrossFit Beaumont will be hosting a women’s only competition with standard and scaled divisions. Sign-Up information will be out soon. Tell your friends and help us get the word out! Let’s find out who the top female in the area is!


10 thoughts on “Back in action”

  1. Skill- 185# (10# pr)
    WOD- 24:31 rx + (85#)
    My last power snatch was 175# so I was extremely happy to get a 185# squat snatch.

  2. Wod: 19:29 (knee pu, 35#, 3xs singles)
    Started the first round doing the prescribed reps, then had to go to 15, 30, 15, 30. My midline wasn’t having it.

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