Animal crackers!! 4/21/11

Some of the women of CrossFit Mid-County (Ashley and Beth)

Skill: DB Press ladder

– complete 5 strict presses with both arms simultaneously beginning with 5# DBs and increasing DB weight every set. Stop when you cannot complete all 5 reps unbroken. Record your heaviest.


21 – 15 – 9

  • knees to elbows
  • ring dips
  • OH lunges (95#/65#)

– Post loads and times to comments-


13 thoughts on “Animal crackers!! 4/21/11”

  1. CFMC, thanks for having me on Tuesday. Always like hitting up affiliates on the road to make me feel like I’m at home. Although next time I stop by, I’d love for that AC to be up and running!

  2. and now, some shameless self-promotion… the Foodee link today happens to feature the work of my lovely wife Cassie. She is still pretty new to the food blog world, but i assure you the meal was rather tasty. check it out!

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