A toast to Mr. Marc Spinks

1 – 11 – 12

  • 200 DUs
  • 100 air squats
  • 90 sit ups
  • 80 push ups
  • 70 lunges/leg
  • 60 supermans
  • 50 box jumps (24/20)
  • 40 pull ups
  • 30 wall ball (20/14)
  • 20 burpees
  • 10 T2B
  • 5 mutant man-makers (45/25)
  • 150 m DB farmer’s carry

– Post loads and times to comments –
– A toast to Mr. Marc Spinks:
I raise my glass, contents of which is more-than-likely a shot of apple sauce (cause he bought it even though it’s his going away party), to you Marc. Cheers to a great friend who I’ve only known for less than a year, but could without a doubt trust that he’s going to be there in any time of need. Here’s a totally genuine guy who is more concerned  about your happiness than his own. He also literally brings the party where ever he goes (congratulations Florida, you’ve just been upgraded). Here’s just a small thank you, from the gym to you. We’re going to miss you buddy. Love ya!
There will be a gathering of friends at Starvin’ Marvin’s tonight for Marc’s going away party. You all have to come. No questions.


35 thoughts on “A toast to Mr. Marc Spinks”

  1. Here’s to u Marc!!! I will miss you and your beautiful smile 🙂 Your such a wonderful person. And what an awesome WOD!!! I’ll be there to see you off. I heart you also!! I’m gonna miss your face XOXO!!!!

  2. We will miss you “Marc with a C”. I could pretty much sum him up in one word, Awesome!
    I will be there tonight, ready to dominate some applesauce shots. Whenever I need to increase my party mode I will always think of Marc Spinks for inspiration!

  3. This is bitter sweet…bitter for all of us because we will miss the best looking asian that ever came through town and sweet for him because he will be closer to home. Marc we all heart you!!!

  4. I probably WILL cry. Can’t believe this is happening! Not sure what CrossFit gatherings will even be like without you Marc… But I do know that we’ll always think of you. To say I’ll miss you is an understatement. You’re awesome. Looking forward to wodding with you one last time. You better never forget us! We love you!

  5. This is AWESOME!!! You guys are amazing!!! I don’t know what to say! Thank you to everyone that I’ve met through CrossFit. Honestly I feel like I won the friend lottery! Everyone I’ve met is amazing kind and so giving. You all have made my life here absolutely friggin awesome! I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends. Thank you for everything! I WILL MISS YOU ALL!!! The worst part about this move is leaving all of you…. Well…. And packing… If any of you ever end up in FL give me a shout! Thank you again for everything guys! This is so awesome! Oh and this wod is gonna hurt! 200 DUs??!!! Really?! I might not be able to drive to FL after this!

  6. There are no words to completely describe your awesomeness Marc Spinks! You are an amazing person at heart and we need more people like you in the world! We will all miss you dearly! I don’t know if I’ll be able to go tonight but if I don’t see you, good luck on your travels!

  7. Marc, you very well may be the most awesome Asian ever. The saying “he’ll give you the shirt off of his back” doesnt even begin to describe you and the way you treat your friends. I hate to see you leave but I know you’ll make another group of people feel as special as you’ve made all of us feel. Good luck Marc, you will be missed.

  8. Marc your competitive attitude is exactly what I have been needing for a long time, you have gotten me to push myself harder when I really didn’t think I could. Going to miss ya buddy.
    Good luck 

  9. Marc! You’re a great friend and I’m sad to see you go. Thanks for all the encouragement in the box dude; I’ll definitely miss hearing “PICK UP THAT BAR DREW!!” Good luck in Florida!

  10. Marc is the man, hes been the best friend since the first day I met him at Dylans (go figure), but in that time the shot of choice was the Johnny Vegas. Always been the guy to be humble and honest with you even if its not what you want to hear. You will be missed ya dumb asian.

  11. Marc, it’s been awesome getting to know you. You always make sure the people around you are having a great time, whether in conversation . . or SHOTS. You’re there! Here’s to you.
    Starvin Marvin’s at 9:30!
    Bring your party pants, you know Marc will!

  12. Marc, I haven’t gotten to know you that well, but I know you’re an awesome guy from the little bit of time I have been around you. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come out and party with you guys because I have to get up early to catch a flight to San Diego in the morning. I hope you have a safe trip to Florida. Take care. Oh, and this wod looks crazy. . . if I was at mid-county still, I’d definitely be taking a rest day today.lol.

  13. Marc, you are an awsome guy. movitator and from what i have learned in the short time i have know you FRIEND! I really hate that I didnt get to know you sooner. Good luck in the future and Im glad you are getting to be closer to home. Just dont be a stranger and I look forward to you visiting us soon!!!
    By the way you are evil for programing todays WOD!!!!

  14. Although we never partied together, I have got to work out with you and you are a lot of fun and very inspiring. We have been very blessed to get to know you and be around you. Have a safe trip.

  15. Marc,
    One thing for sure u always bring a smile to everyone’s face! Ive enjoyed all the WODs we’ve done tongether.. U always push to make me wk harder! Be blessed my friend and dont be a stranger!

  16. Marc,
    I already miss you, but I’m saddened to hear that you are going away. Congrats on the chance to move back closer to home. You were great friend to have. Port Arthur and CrossFit Mid-County were better for having you.

  17. You all are gonna make me cry! Seriously though these comments are all way to nice! I love all of you! Thank you for everything!!! I wish I had met each and everyone of you back when I first moved here.

  18. Marc, thanks for all the good times, especially when we went to other people apartment complexes to swim. Who lived there anyway? Lol I’ll probably pass through Florida one day. Oh and I hate you for leaving!

  19. Marc, thanks for all the good times, especially when we went to other people apartment complexes to swim. Who lived there anyway? Lol I’ll probably pass through Florida one day.

  20. I dislike the ‘your post didn’t post’ warning then it post anyway lol whatever. I was wondering if anyone did the WOD

  21. Marc, it was nice meeting you tonight and to you (and the rest of the 6:00 class (I was in the 7:00)), thanks for pushing me to finish…that was on of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

  22. Thank you to everyone that came to do this wod! It sucked but it was fun!!! And I got a t-shirt!!! I can’t believe I know such awesome people! I’m leaving but don’t forget it’s Stefans birthday on the 14th! I won’t be here to make sure he parties like a rockstar so you guys have to! I will raise a shot in the air in your honor that night buddy!

  23. El sucko! Can’t get out of the funk I’m in. 47:11 RX.
    I’m going to miss you Marc. You are totally inspiring and don’t like to quit!
    Ps Sabrina you killed it. Great job! I wanna be like you one day! Lol

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