Snatch – Work up to a heavy single. You can squat snatch (preferable) or power snatch. If flexibility is one of the issues holding you back in this movement do a power snatch and practice with light weight. If you are extremely inflexible in the overhead position you can substitute cleans.

In 2 minutes:
20 Wall Ball

Max Double Unders

In 2 minutes:
20 Kettlebell Swings

Max Calories on the C2 Rower

In 2 minutes:
20 Box Jumps

Max Star Jumps
Rest 2 minutes between each effort. Do each effort twice if time allows; go in any order you wish.
Monday, June 24th is Battle of the Boxes.  Do your best to be here and support CrossFit Mid County!  We’re doing great so far, let’s keep it going!!


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