5th Mountain January 6th!

Every now and then, a challenge arises that must be met.
A goal set that absolutely must be achieved.
An adversary that demands your undivided attention.

SEALFIT published a WOD that meets these characteristics. This type of WOD takes us completely out of our comfort zone and trains us in time domains we rarely venture into. This is not an impossible WOD, it is simply the next challenge. We invite all from the CrossFit Community to come and grind through
“The 5th Mountain”
For time, with 20# vest:

100 Burpees, run 1 mile
100 Squats, run 1 mile
100 Sit-ups, run 1 mile
100 Push-ups, run 1 mile
100 Pull-ups, run 1 mile

This WOD can be scaled to any fitness level. Challenge yourself to do something you previously thought was impossible.
No cutoff time for this workout. Everybody who starts will finish.


6 thoughts on “5th Mountain January 6th!”

  1. This may be a good one to get back in the groove after a badass vacation to Keystone! And coming home to a stolen truck and home broken into…..

  2. 99:21…. Big daddy brought up the rear! Ha
    Sub the last 2 movements with 55# kb swings and supine ring rows
    Did use a 20# vest

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