3 x 250m Row Sprints – Rest 3-4 minutes between efforts.  After each set, complete 20 hollow rocks.


EMOM for 6 min:
20 Sit Ups

EMOM for 6 min:
5 Front Squats (60-70% of your max) Each rep starts from the ground

EMOM for 6 min:
5 Strict Pull Ups

Friday Night Lights will be held at CrossFit Lumberton this week at 6:30.  I strongly encourage EVERY MEMBER to come to these events.  It’s a great opportunity to meet people from our sister gyms, and to bond with those from our gym.  Yes, CrossFit is about fitness, but it’s also about friends and family.  If you’re not attending these events, you’re not getting everything you can out of your membership.  You don’t have to be a great athlete, you don’t even have to workout, you can come and cheer on your friends.  JUST BE THERE!


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