Brittany- not a cheater, and also has great DL form

Dead Hang Pull-Ups 7-7-4-4-2-2

weighted if you can, if you use bands, try to decrease resistance each set


3 rounds
400m run
21 KBS 55/35
12 Pull-ups
CHEATING, not cool. Coaches count reps. You know who you are. Everybody loses count in a workout every once in a while, make an educated guesstimate and keep on trucking. If you are found to be CONSISTENTLY CHEATING REPS, any times you have on our benchmark boards will be erased. Don’t lose your integrity over a workout. Come in, do the work as prescribed and make yourself better.


32 thoughts on “#ifitaintyoukeepdoinwhatchadoin”

  1. Not a prob. I work and live in the area. Gene’ s dad grows everything and they just ended up with way too much. Everything was picked yesterday.

  2. I need details on the veggies. What are they, how much, are they organic and when and where can I buy them??

  3. A few words on “cheating” vs. “No-Repping”
    I want my coaches to call me out. We are all so tightly-knit as a group, so often that line between coach and friend often gets blurred, and needs to be re-drawn. We should all know the coaches are there to help. If you take offense to being no-repped, that’s a *you* problem. Cheating own it’s own is especially inexcusable.
    Ego constantly checked at the door. Today, mine was checked, stepped on, and thrown around the gym with those pullups X(

  4. Brittany, they are organic. Gene’s dad has a huge garden. They are $1/lb and right now I have yellow squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. Coming up within a couple of weeks I will have cantaloupe and watermelon. My phone number is 626-4297. I will be working out at 5:30 today but I live and work in the area.

    1. I’ll take a couple pounds of mixed! If you leave it I can leave some money for you tomorrow, is that ok?

  5. My partner yesterday no repped himself over 10 times on chest to bar pull ups and from my angle they looked like good reps. Now that’s character.

      1. Yeah i didn’t think about that until Stefan brought it up, we are erasing the times that are up there and start fresh today bc of this.

  6. 19:43 RX. I don’t know what my problem is lately but that is 5 mins slower than my last Helen. Off day I guess.

  7. 11:15 rx
    kinda shut down on my last round when i saw the clock and realized i wasn’t going to make the board (yes i know i should have not done that but i had pushed myself pretty hard the first 2 rnds so i would be board worthy and got discouraged when i saw the time) when i finished i was informed about the board times we used the old 400m course for those that dont know its alot different than the current course

    1. Hmm – I did Helen in Houston back in April & was surprised to find my time within 10 seconds of my current time. Guess we will see about this 400m course today – – – DJ you should have been under 10 min with a 90% effort.

  8. Skill: Purple band for rounds of 7-7-4 then went to no band for last rounds of 4-2-2…but not unbroken like we were supposed to. Losing my deadhangs ๐Ÿ™
    Wod: Either 11:57 or 13:57 … Cant remember. (300m row, 25# KB and ring rows)
    Good atmosphere in the box today. Felt good…and it was awesome to have Kara come visit!!

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