Squat/Press/Deadlift (Use 90% of your 1RM and calculate %’s from that)

5 @ 65%

5 @ 75%

5+ @ 85%

For your first workout of the week you will squat, for your second you will press, for your third you will deadlift.  If you come in more than 3 times in the week there will be 2 additional anaxillary strength workouts to perform on days 4 and 5 (Check the board).  Day six if you come will be a rest from strength.


Partner WOD

AMRAP 8min
Partner A: 2 Rope Climbs
Partner B: Max Hand Release Push-ups
**Switch places once the rope climbs are completed; your time frame to do HR push ups is during your partners two rope climbs
**Keep a running total of the HR push-ups as your score
                                Will he make it over by the end of the month? 
 A great post by CrossFit Verve:
More Reasons To Exercise.Exercise is good for you.  Duh.  There are many expressions in use to help remind us of the benefits of exercise, such as, “no pain, no gain,” or, “use it or lose it.”  And these are true.  There are benefits to be gained.  However, when you exercise, not only do you see tangible health benefits (decreased risk of heart attack, improved cholesterol, less fatigue, less depression, weight loss, just to name a few), but you build potential.  Why?  Through exercise, metabolism increases.  As metabolism increases, your myofibrils (strands that contract inside of muscle cells) increase in number.  When this happens, your fat cells decrease in size.  As fat cells decrease in size, they are more prone to release energy than to store.  That is potential. Now, the more you exercise, the smaller your fat cells become, begetting more energy, and your myofibril expand, begetting more strength.  All of a sudden, you notice a jump in the execution of your workouts. Would you like this process to happen even faster??I believe you would.If you lift weights, and contract your muscles forcefully enough to make your muscles work to at least 75% of their capacity, your myofibrils increase even more, and metabolism gets even faster (sounds like Crossfit, eh?).  When you do this, a phenomenon known as hypertrophy occurs.  Hypertrophy is muscle tissue growth that contributes to strength and increased metabolic capability.  You get stronger, your potential grows, your workouts continue to improve.So, remember that with every workout you, you build potential.  Especially with workouts that involve weightlifting.  We were always admonished as kids to reach our potential.  But how many opportunities do we have to actually increase that potential?? The question becomes: What is your ceiling in Crossfit?  The answer:  As high as you are willing to make it.