Zoom zoom zoom 4/8/11

We crossfitters tend to stand out


Skill:    OH squat 3- 3- 3


3 rounds:

  • 300 m run
  • 20 russian twist
  • 5 burpees
  • 20 bicycles

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15 thoughts on “Zoom zoom zoom 4/8/11”

  1. Or is the upside down bird the only one that couldn’t do a pull-up and get over the bar? Maybe all the other ones are Crossbirds

  2. 105# OHS
    9:07 on the WOD, I think.
    Nathan gets serious man points for doing the WOD, including the burpees, with a cracked rib.

  3. Jamie Coleman

    O, Alan I would have beat you any was…Lol! Did not do more pull ups but I did do more push ups with the purple band!! And to cheer Troy on!!
    YES mad points for Nathan!!!!!
    OHS 45# lol!

  4. excellent work tonight, 6pm’rs! Mad props to nathan for sticking with it with a cracked rib… im waiting for someone to pick jumping jacks when we play cards for a cool down 🙂 (knees to elbows!?!?! pull ups!?!?) LOL

  5. 8:50 and 135#. Thanks to Toben for staying late just for me since I got off work late. And thanks to Jamie for hanging out to yell at me LOL

  6. yeah the cracked ribs did make it challenging but its not stopping me
    45# OH Squat (ohh yeaahhhh)
    11:01 (flutterkicks instead of bicycles)

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