Zombie Prom Night – Friday, October 21st

Join us Friday October 21 at 8:30pm for our Halloween “Prombie” (think black tie zombie.) Be sure to come dressed appropriately because the more zombies we have the better. We will have flip cup, we’ll crown our Prombie King & Queen (best costumes), and most importantly we will all learn the dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. We will be at CrossFit Beaumont until around 11:30pm and afterwards we will all head to Crockett Street. Of course Thriller be requested at every bar we go and then all the zombies will flash mob the dance floor breaking out our awesome thriller dance moves that we all learned earlier that evening! This event is open to anyone so bring your friends and significant others (no kids please). This event is BYOB and we have plenty of room in the fridge. Be sure to carpool and have a designated driver; drink responsibly folks, we don’t need to risk anyone turning into a real zombie!


19 thoughts on “Zombie Prom Night – Friday, October 21st”

  1. Everybody is going to the prom but not Crockett. The whole point is to eventually go out to Crockett for the flash mob effect. Why get dressed up if you’re not going all the way?

  2. You can get in! I got free cover for everyone to Dixie and Vain and both those places are 18 and up on Friday….and work at the bank at 8:45 on Saturday so think of another excuse Steph….

    1. Thanks for the backup Telia. Steph was harshin my mellow.lol. And I wasn’t calling you out Stephanie. . . just making a general observation.

    1. Yes, that’s why I don’t usually go to Crockett St. and if I do I usually don’t drink in excess. I’m older and wiser.lol.

  3. See telia, I didn’t know that. I just didn’t want to put someone else in a bind if I couldn’t get in. I knew those places were 18 and up.

  4. Garrett, I wasn’t harshin your mellow, I had a legit excuse of the Crockett St. situation before Telia said that.

  5. Better excuse: Zombies can’t drive. We have to march, stumble, limp (whatever zombies do) to Crockett.
    I’m a lazy zombie.

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