You've got a friend in me

If you don’t visit the 6am class, you may not see Mark Beaty very often. He is a local Chiropractor, a VERY good one, as well as an awesome athlete!! His office is on the corner of Avenue H and Twin City. If you have ever considered trying chiropractic care, give him a visit!!

10 – 4 – 12

3x 200m sprint (not for time)

– sprint to 400m marker, walk back, as soon as you reach the door turn and run again

150 pull ups w/ partner:

P1- hold barbell OH as long as possible (155/105)

P2- max pull ups until partner drops barbell

– switch roles each time barbell is dropped

– can not be on pull up bar until barbell is locked out OH

– Post loads and scores to comments –

*Don’t forget about our Saturday stretch class every Saturday at 9am. Please give us your feedback from this last week’s class, and for future ones.

*We will be hosting the Barbells for Boobs WOD on Saturday, October 20!! Come support and get a good workout in!! Stay tuned for more events to come!!

** CrossFit Bridge City is hosting a Halloween Bash on Saturday, October 27!! Visit “CrossFit Bridge City Halloween Bash” on Facebook for more details!!!


7 thoughts on “You've got a friend in me”

  1. I did Randy instead.
    5:15 rx
    1:31 faster than last time, but 10 seconds from making the board.
    I’ll watch the clock next time.

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