Yea girl!!

Congratulations Stephanie for taking 1st place in the women’s standard at the CFMC/CFB competition!!


7 – 12 – 11

Skill:    Hold a hand stand

– Accumulate 1 minute

  • Free standing or against a wall
  • If you cannot hold either, hold 2 relatively heavy dumbbells locked out overhead for an accumulation of 2 minutes

Bridge: (Toben, I like this) NOT FOR TIME

  • 20 wall ball (heavy)
  • 20 ball slams (heavy)
  • 20 cart wheels (10 to the left/10 to the right) (Yes, I am serious)


10 turkish get-ups (45/30) (5/arm)

3 rounds:

  • 20 squats
  • 20 toes to rings

100 russian twists

– go in waves of 4 or less

– next wave will start on the minute following the last person beginning russian twists from previous wave.

– Post scaling and times to comments –


32 thoughts on “Yea girl!!”

  1. Congrats stephanie! You did awesome saturday! Now let’s take a moment and talk about this whole cart wheel scenerio… when was the last time you saw a grown man do a cart wheel?!

  2. I saw cart wheels and I was in. Nothing better than watching adults try to do cart wheels at 6 in the morning.
    9:51 #35 TGU

  3. Oh its going to be hilarious!! Im going to do cart wheels during the whole workout and im gonna make it look good!!!

  4. Yall have fun with the cartwheels. I’ll be playing in the Beaumont City Softball Tournament like a real washed up athlete. LOL

  5. Cartwheels, sounds fun!! Too bad I can’t make it 🙁 !!
    Congrats again Steph!!
    We should have a competition like this every 3 months!!!! It was fun, next time I won’t take a month off before the big day!

    1. Was thinking about this yesterday… The effort it takes to throw one all together would probably make every 6 months a good idea. I know I’d be down for it.

  6. Slightly jealous of the cartwheels… I mean I would be completely jealous if I wasn’t on a beach in St. Croix. I will do this when I get back!
    Next on the agenda!!!! Forward roll burpees!

  7. one more thing… our gym friggen rocked the competition!!!!! I am so proud of you and pretty bummed I couldnt compete. WAY TO REPRESENT!!!!

  8. Thanks Steph, you totally killed WOD 3!!! I don’t have any more camping trips planned so I should be getting back on track! Definitely need to work on my DU! Lol

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